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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 8, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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commercial sale. pastor and former govermike huce don't know enough about the true meaning of christmas or jesus, do you agree? lou says, i totally agree, i feel this country has lost its moral direction. rick writes, i agree, a majority of people claim to be religion and don't have that close a relationship with god. and we thank you for sharing. that will do it for me, jamie and kelly from washington. >> this is a fox news alert. growing tensions now in egypt as the country's military is forced to intervene in the mounting political crisis. over president mohammed morsi's power grab. i'm kelly wright. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> great to have you here. i'm jamie colby, these are members of the military there, reinforcing a wall outside the
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presidential palace. just 24 hours after tens of thousands of protesters actually broke through a barricade leading to the building and forced president morsi to press ahead with so-called dialog talks as he tried to keep the country from plunging deeper into turmoil. >> connor powell is following this live from our jerusalem bureau, what's happening over here? >> well, last night the violence continued in cairo, it was relatively peaceful today, but the crisis continues on, and today, the egyptian military used the calm in cairo to put up barriers around the presidential palace. they built concrete walls, placing tanks and bash wire around that palace and the egyptian media. in the statement warned of disastrous consequences and urging dialog to avoid a
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quote, dark tunnel in egypt and mohammed morsi called for talks today with the opposition, but the opposition groups in cairo and egypt rejected the talks and they were simply just tossed among the muslim brotherhood that were held today. and now, the political crisis started about two weeks ago, when morsi granted himself near dictatorial powers and egypt is supposed to have a referendum on a draft confusion and opposition wants that vote postponed and the muslim brotherhood says they're not going to postpone the vote and late last night, they did hint toward maybe some type of compromise could be reached out and there are talks of more protests in the coming days and right now doesn't appear to be much dialog or compromise, kelly. >> and can you tell us exactly if they don't find this compromise, what would happen in that country? >> well, presumably, there
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will be more protests. the muslim brotherhood did win the vote a few months ago to take basic control of the government, but it's not popular across all of egypt and there are groups that want to see it replaced with something more moderate. those groups continue to protest and they say they will continue to take up time and continue to go to tahrir square and alexandria and others as well and we could see the beginning of a long-term protest movement in cairo and across egypt. >> thank you for that update. >> jamie: and this fox news alert, a major break in the investigation into the terror attack in benghazi, libya. authorities in egypt arresting this man in cairo, mohammed ahmad. he's identified as the alleged ring leader of an al-qaeda-linked group that is suspected of taking part in the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate where ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were
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killed. u.s. intelligence reportedly take part in the capture. molly henneberg has more for us from washington. >> hi, jamie, a leader in the terror world, ambitious and very dangerous and now, egyptian authorities aided have him. and the u.s. officials have been tracking him for months according to the wall street journal and interest in him intensified after some of his follow,participated in the attack on the consulate in libya. we don't have details how or when-- how or where he was detained. u.s. officials have not been able to interrogate him yet. here is what we do know: he's a former egyptian jihad member, released from prison in march -- he was in prison in egypt, he was released in march, 2011 during the arab spring. he's now the leader of the jamal network and been setting up terror training camps in
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libya and egypt with help from al-qaeda in yemen and trying to set up al-qaeda in egypt. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton will be headed to capital hill in the near future to testify on the benghazi attacks. and an independent review board investigating the attack should have its report done soon and secretary clinton will testify after that, according to the republican chairwoman of the republican apairs committee. >> i've been in contact with the the department of state. every indication that this will happen before the end of this year or as soon as the report is complete which is expected to be done in the next days or weeks. so, we have every expectation that she will testify, that she will do so in an open setting, and that perhaps the leaders of the report, the lead investigators may be testifying before us in a closed setting. >> senator john kerry, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says that secretary clinton will appear
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before that group, jamie. >> important details for sure to develop on that story, thanks so much. >> in the meantime, new developments on the bloody civil war going on. electing a new military commander, in the meantime, meanwhile, rather, security officials from the u.s., britain, chance and the gulf region talks answered at the conflict in trying syria apart days before the conflict of the friends of syria meeting, a grouping of dozens of countries pledging nonmilitary support to help rebels out. and-- president obama asking congress for more than 60 billion dollars to help east coast states recover from the devastation of superstorm sandy. while lawmakers in new york and new jersey call it a good start. they add, it won't cover
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everything. peter doocy live with details. >> kelly, new york governor. rather new jersey governor chris christie and andrew cuomo initially asked washington for about 79 billion dollars to rebuild their states and they are now thanking the president for his 60.4 billion dollars commitment and the white house wrote a letter to congress yesterday that says these are funds necessary to finance a needed recovery effort and to help the the region prepare for future challenges, including future severe storms and coastal flooding, swells impacts associated with a changing climate. but, amid the debt debate in d.c., there are questions how easy it will be to get congress to write such a big check and speaker boehner's spokesman says we will review it and al rogers says it's up to congress to help those hurt by sandy, but also our responsibility during these tight budget times to make sure that the victims of this
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storm are getting the most of every single recovery dollar, and to ensure that the disaster funds are timed and targeted in the most efficient and appropriate manner. the democratic senator from new york has acknowledged now that this is going to be a tough fight in the congress given the fiscal cliff and some members have not been friendly to disaster relief, but the care with which the package has been put together has given us a good head start. that's a quote from the senators of new york and new jersey, all democrats and we still don't know how much the federal government is ultimately going to write a check for, areas hit by hurricane katrina back in 2005, received a total of more than 120 billion dollars in federal aid when all was said and done, kelly. >> peter doocy, we thank you for that. >> well, we've been reporting this and we have to report it again, it's been a week of
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little or no progress on the so-called fiscal cliff negotiations, as the end of the year approaches, but there are new questions this weekend about what will happen to the u.s. economy if washington fails to come up with the solution. and joining me now, angela mcglowan, a fox news political analyst and doug cornell, a former spokesperson for the democratic congressional campaign committee and a democratic strategist. great to see both of you. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> doug, you first, president obama and his weekly address this weekend says that democrats have some wiggle room on what they're willing to give to get a deal done. what are they willing to give? >> well, first of all, remember that as part of the budget control act the president signed into law about a trillion dollars in cuts and right now the president's priority is to pass a middle class tax cut and benefit 97% of small businesses, and that's the first priority and then, obviously, second part is to deal with the fiscal cliff and he's put entitle and spending
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cuts on the table and i think really, the issue here is whether republicans are going to be on the tax rates for the upper income folks. if that happens i think we'll have an agreement. if it it doesn't we could go over the fiscal cliff and right now the economy is in a fragile position. >> no one can argue with that one. a lot of criticism on both sides and a lot pointing to republicans that they want to see the fiscal cliff happen. is there any upside if we actually go over the cliff? >> there's no upside if we go over the cliff and what you've seen the last couple of weeks is political theater. that's how we negotiate things here in washington d.c. and the good news, the president put forth a plan and republicans have put forth a plan and i believe that obama will have to come to the table with more spending cuts and entitlement reform and republicans might have to give in to some tax increases and the cbo do a recent report,
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saying if republicans get what they want in extending the entire bush tax cut plan. it would only increase the gd growth by 1.5%. if we do what president obama wants to do, it will only increase the gdp by 1.25%, having said that, it's just not about tax cuts, doug, it's more about cutting wasteful government spending. >> i was going to ask doug about that. doug, would you admit. since we have a democrat in the white house and also, the senate is democratically controlled. would you agree and how much is there of wasteful spending in washington? >> oh, there's a lot of wasteful spending, it's been around for before president obama was in office. and as i said before, he has, with the house republicans has already signed in law a trillion dollars in cut. and he'll do more. and i think that's encouraging and i think that shows he's willing to be plexable there, to angela's point which i agree with, a lot of what
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you're seeing is political theater. >> jamie: we're running out of time, doug. >> i agree. and that's true, but look, neither side wants to go over the cliff. politically it would be disastrous. >> for both sides. >> exactly, and for the president, he's the got an ambitious agenda next year, he wants to do comprehensive immigration reform. he wants to tackle the corporate tax code and doesn't want to have to be dealing with this next year, obviously, with the business community, they have something at stake, they want more certainty and a lot is riding here and both sides will ultimately find some common areas to agree with. >> hey, jamie. >> jamie: yes? >> doug is correct, if obama wants to get his agenda through, he's going to need those house republicans,'s going to need boehner, he can't push a crammed agenda through when like nancy pelosi was speak of the house. i don't think that president obama or the republicans want us to go over the fiscal cliff. >> jamie: angela, when i have you guys on, i want to learn a little something myself.
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we have a lot of new members that are going to be seated after the first of the year. so, if they come up with some partial solution, let's say, what's the impact, angela, of us having new members of congress seating into this di decision making process. is it hurtful or beneficial? >> it's always beneficial, i always think that new minds are great to come to the table to give new ideas. what we have have to stop down is putting a bandaid on it and kicking it down the road. we need true me form or we'll be talking about this a year from now. >> jamie: doug, a prediction, going over? >> i don't think so. but you bring up a good point member about the 90 house members who are going to leave and more political incentive to do it now, because with new members, they're going to have to go through the debate again. >> jamie: thank you, guys. always a great discussion, always is.
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and our own chris wallace has an exclusive sit-down wicharles schumer and bob corker, and they'll discuss the looming fiscal cliff, kelly. >> kelly: a huge section of the country bracing for a dangerous winter weather, the storm warnings and possible blizzard conditions. we're live in the fox extreme weather center. >> jamie: ner he' busy there. and 40 years ago, we sent the last crew to the moon, an in depth look at the u.s. space program then and now and into the future with an astronaut. hippity hopping, hippity hopping over-the-hill, ♪ da da, da, da, da, da >> hippity hopping all along. i tell you, (laughter) 109, i couldn't have that, bob, just too beautiful.
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>> welcome back. in today's installment of beyond a dream. the chairman and chief executive officer of tupperware brand. he's the lead are of this
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american company and operates in 100 charles. sales force, 2.7 million people and not just focused on big profits, but a positive change for millions of women and children and personally involved in building great futures for children around the world through the boys and girls club of america. >> children smiling, playing, and learning together in a safe environment. but here is the surprise. this isn't america, it's tijuana, mexico. a tough place for a child due to drugs, violence and poverty. but the first club is helping to change lives. and this is the first boys and girls club in south africa, lives are changed here and in mexico, because the children are learning that great futures start here. the expansion of the dream is due to the vision of
10:20 am
tupperware brand's ceo, rick and his wife susan. for more than 20 years, he's been encouraging the company to make a difference through global and social responsibility. >> i think there's really a change in the role of what-- in the social contract between individuals and their governments. a lot of governments are going broke, there's a time here where corporations need to step up and find a way, not just to fund, but to put their focus, when you put funds and focus behind it, then things start to happen. >> tupperware is proof that some big businesses are big on helping others, since 1992, tupperware has been one of the leading corporate sponsors of the boys and girls club, rick personally got involved because he wanted to make a difference. >> actually, it started with the obvious crisis that became apparent to me in the u.s., we
10:21 am
have 5% of the world's population and yet, 25% of the world's prison population and all of this is starting with young people today and they get into the cycle. >> to break the cycle, rick began helping children succeed against all odds and helped them to understand that mentoring helps each child become a great adult and the reward is by far more valuable than the alternative of crime and prison. >> as i look at the country, averages between 25 and 60,000 a year to incarcerate somebody. we take care of the kid for a $1,000 a year. let's build clubs, not jails. it just makes good sense. >> as a child growing up, rick, like many kids today, face some difficult challenges. >> i left home when i was 16 years old, so, it really came as a result of, i've seen that i'm the first that ever went to college in my family, my
10:22 am
father had a 10th grade education. >> now that he's a successful leader of a global company, rick has not forgotten to give back, along with his wife. he created the rick and susan going foundation to provide scholarship money for the winner of the youth of the world award. >> i want to thank rick and susan as they've mentioned earlier, amazing people in the foundation, and the $50,000 scholarship which will be very helpful and i thank you for that. >> kelly: rick, a lot of people are thanking you beyond the boys and girls club. how the corporate americans show their support through sharing and civic community engagement. >> what a fantastic piece. >> kelly: always. >> jamie: egypt's once powerful military threatening to intervene with the growing crisis there, what it means in the transition to democracy.
10:23 am
>> kelly: tragic fallout: hospital that treated the deut duchess of cambridge, and the nurse. >> jamie: and the popular hit, gangnam style, know he's apologizing about comments he made about our country. ♪ olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet?
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>> it's the bottom of the hour and time now for the torch the news. former south african president, nelson mandela is in the hospital undergoing tests and he's in frail health. but is said to be doing well. >> jamie: the head of the london hospital where a nurse is said to have taken her life after being part after radio show prank, has written a letter to the australian radio network demanding a hoax like that never be repeated, a
10:28 am
nurse caring for the pregnant duchess of cambridge killed herself after taking a talk from two radio dj's, pretending to be queen and prince charles. rapper b.i.g. was part of a shooting and no drugs or alcohol in his system, that has been sealed and his murder remains unsolved. fox news alert and new concerns over the growing political crisis in egypt. egypt's military warning of quote, disastrous consequences, offer the political crisis that is sending tens of thousands of protesters back into the streets. the warnings raising several questions right now. is egypt headed back into full-blown chaos and what can be done to stop a catastrophe. let's bring in john boulton, form ambassador to the united nations and a fox news
10:29 am
contributor, ambassador, thanks for joining us. this from egypt, giving this warning from the military and an ominous warning for the people of egypt. what can the united states do in terms of exerting influence over the president there, trying it take power back from the people? >> well, i think our influence over mohammed morsi, unfortunately, was revealed in the fact that he issued his decree, cutting back judicial review, the day after he announced the hamas-israel seas fire, back on november the 21st. i think unfortunately, it haf been a wink and a nod from the united states, or at least giving morsi the impression that he could act domestically without fear of intervention by us. i think in the current circumstances, the military is the part of the egyptian government over which we have
10:30 am
the most influence because of decades of very substantial a assistance and we need the differences that we see being played out on the streets now, resolved by negotiation, to be a pretty strong signal from the military that while they don't want to intervene, they're not prepared to see this chaos continue. >> kelly: and they may have to intervene and taking the active role of becoming the moderator in that region, as you mentioned, we may have lost our influence with mohammed morsi the president of egypt, but the military appears to be taking on the role, saying that mr. morsi, as well as his opponents must sit down and have dialog in order to avert a crisis, of which six people have been killed so far. >> right, well, i think it has been characterized, even by the muslim brotherhood as a balanced statement by the military, but it's very revealing in that it remains the military that holds the key to this crisis being resolved successfully and
10:31 am
there's interesting press reports that mohammed morsi's government is drafting a marshal law decree which obviously would be carried out by the military. so, i think the, the signs that we see, including this statement by the military that we've been discussing, point to a larger military role, hopefully to calm things down and let the pro democracy factions and the muslim brotherhood, mohammed morsi and others discuss a peaceful way ahead. >> you mentioned the pro democracy faction and it appears right now that democracy is not in the deck of cards with regard to this draft constitution albeit the president of egypt has said's trying to rule out the and trying it get immunity for the brotherhood as well as himself and protect democracy. have you ever heard of such an argument in moving forward with democracy and in fact, the u.n. rights official was slamming credibility of egypt's new constitution? >> yeah, well, there's a lot of political rhetoric here,
10:32 am
but let's remember that when parliamentary elections were held some months ago, the muslim brotherhood and radical groups got three quarters of the seats and morsi himself in the run-off election won to be sure and both of those were characterized as free and fair, but it's also clear that fighting in the streets isn't exactly a democratic process either and i think that the military does not want to get back in the business of government, but they're not prepared to see the chaos continue. >> ambassador for those of us living in the united states and the western world and not really fully understanding what this draft constitution is, relate it this way. when the activist warned that if this constitution a passed, cairo will truly become kandahar with a blessing of the egyptian president and the muslim brotherhood referring to the home city.
10:33 am
and is that at the heart of this and demonstration that is we're seeing not only by the secularists and the moderates and christians, they're concerned what's going to happen to their freedoms? >> exactly. this draft constitution that's supposed to be voted on still on december the 15th is sharia friendly and i think people are worried that mohammed morsi has in mind what turkey's prime minister once said, democracy is like a street car. you ride it to the stop you want and then you get off. that's a pretty chilling prospect. >> chilling indeed and you can't do anything to prevent this? >> i think we should be leaning on morsi, publicly and privately to allow more time for a discussion to take place not to ram this thing through, but i think the real instrument where we have influence is the military and i hope we're implying it there to get the parties to avoid egypt falling into civil conflict. god forbid it ends up looking
10:34 am
like what syria does now. >> connor powell, our reporter in the region is telling us today if the country faels to get to a solution on this, they will no longer have a moderate government they will go into chaos, do you agree? >> yeah, i think the, the key here, really is the military. they've got to support morsi and enforce this refer rum or they'll step in and resume power and i think the answer to that question, we don't know, but the military, i simply don't believe will allow this chaos to go on much longer. >> i certainly hope you're right. we're not going to see a western democracy in egypt, but we should see a democraty somewhat similar in the the cope of things and we're not seeing that at all right now. >> yeah, well, i think the prospect for a real democracy is limited, not simply a question of holding elections and counting votes, you need the culture to have time to take root and i think the overthrow of mr. mubarak and what we've seen with the
10:35 am
muslim brotherhood's approach to government makes it very hard for several society, egypt, to develop the trust you need to put up with losing elections and so, time is very short here and the muslim brotherhood demonstrated, they're prepared to press ahead very hard to take complete control. >> ambassador, a lot of people over there, very concerned and actually praying that they can get something done. we appreciate your insights and perspectives. >> thank you. >> and back here at home, a suspect in texas not letting a thing like handcuffs stop him from escaping authorities. take a look at the dash cam, the guy steals a police car while handcuffed. and douglas, kelly is impressed. he sneaks into the driver's seat after rolling down the rear window, there he goes. the windows aren't supposed to roll down and the police were talking to the owner of the store porter allegedly
10:36 am
burglarized and he did abandon the car a few blocks away. cops are confident they will catch him and get their car back. that's pretty ingenuous. a wildly popular singer is having to apologize for anti-american lyrics. it's the most watched dance video, i'm told, ever on youtube the south korean star is now saying he's sorry for past comments criticizing the for president re a scheduled obama. kelly knows the dance, how do you pronounce his name psy? >> psy. >> jamie: dominic di-natale, do you have the moves? kelly did. >> reporter: i believe he did during the commercial. i'm not doing it on air in front of the-- he was scheduled to sing before the president on december 23rd, probably not likely now. the south korean actually educated here in the states is quickly spun out a grovelling
10:37 am
apology when the internet exploded with outraged fans and a rap in the 2004 concert about killing yankees and you can see the lyrics here. the quote here. and he was against the torturing the iraqi captives and the lyrics were littered with expletives and vulgar, written by a different korean act. and a couple of years prior he smashed a model of a u.s. tank on stage in protest of the deployment of american soldiers to south korea. now, in his apology psy claims it was a deeply emotional reaction to the war in iraq and shared by others around the world. on the screen there, and he said he'd been honored to perform in front of american
10:38 am
soldiers? recent months and hope they and all americans could accept the apologize. and i have friends who are in afghanistan, and spoofing gangnam style, but not now. he was a one hit wonder here, looks like could be over and done with. >> jamie: bring back the cha cha, that's what i say. thanks a lot. kelly? >> a potentially huge medical break through in the fight against alzheimer's disease, could help at least slow the disease in some patients. ♪
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10:43 am
disease. essentially, a pacemaker for your brain. doctors at johns hopkins are the first to perform surgery, performed one surgery so far and the goal is to stimulate the brain much like pacemakers for the heart. dr. somati the chief division of robotics at mount sinai hospital and joins us in studio n. doc, this is ground breaking and somewhat encouraging of course for those who are suffering from alzheimer's. tell us how it works, please? >> kelly, this could be a major break through in the filed of alzheimer's. if you recall, years ago, we reported very similar things to the pacemaker that we used in the heart and look today, the pacemakers are being used to save people's from card myopathy, it can change the field of alzheimer's. the brain pacemaker is really a battery that we basically make two holes, we drill the
10:44 am
hole in the brain and in the skull and you can put wires around a certain part of the brain, that's going to stimulate the deep part of the brain. it's having, you want to be familiar with the part of plain, hypo campus and memory is rescored and where our short-term and long-term memory are restored and the recall going back to that area. alzheimer's, over time, affects hippocampus and that's why the brain starts to slow down. the idea behind it, kelly, is the fact that by doing this stimulation of the brain, you would increase the glucose metabolism and more oxygen to the area and the brain can work much better. and what's more important, if this can slow down the process of losing our brain and losing the short-term memory shall et cetera, it will slow down the dementia and help millions and millions of people affected by this. >> that's exciting news
10:45 am
indeed, now, i understand that this has already been conducted for park son's patience and this is a similar process if you use it for the brain and then doctors are really encouraged by it. the doctors at johns hopkins have seen it work for people with parkenson's. >> you're looking at science at a whole different level and excited as a physician and a surgeon, this is a major break through. six of these procedures have already been performed in toronto and this is the first one being done at johns hopkins and we're excited about this, and the second case, it's scheduled in december. as we mention about 70,000 of the procedures have been done for parkinson's, we see less tremor and really good outcome. what's important,a-- they have a clinical trial, and 20 patients are getting the battery of pacemakers and
10:46 am
20 followed up and we'll see what the result is going to be. the outcome of this trial should be out within a year and preliminary results should show that the pace of this short-term memory and slowing of the brain is going to be much less. so, this is a very exciting field and the fact that it's been done so many times, tells us it's quite safe. >> quickly before i let you go. do we know at this juncture if there's a certain stage of alzheimer's that you should actually treat this person with a pacemaker? >> i'm so glad that you brought this up. for late stages of alzheimer's, this may not work, but certainly for very early stage of alzheimer's, and early stage of dementia, this certainly would be a major treatment option and so, that's really when, where they're treating the patient. >> kelly: dr. david somati, always great to have you with us. >> have a great week. >> jamie: thanks, dr. somati. this month marks the special anniversary the last time a
10:47 am
man walked on the moon, 40 years ago, u.s. astronaut gene serman has that honor. that's next? we'll have a look in a few minutes. . >> it's now cleared the tower. roger. ready to it roll, bob. >> looking great for us, fire all engines. >> okay, roll is complete. >> hey, check the angle. >> 30 seconds, we're going up. , like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health.
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one a day 50+.
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[ male announcer ] while you're getting ready for the holidays, we're getting ready for you. tis the season. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you.
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>> we have ignition. we have a lift-off. we have a lift-off and here at the kennedy space center, it's moving off the pad. it's now cleared the tower. >> roger, tower. ready to roll, bob. >> it's looking great for us. >> on a roll. na was 40 years ago this week. america was on the way to the moon for the last time and fox is taking a look at the program then and what it looks like for the next 40 years, here is a special preview. >> and america's challenge of today has forged man's destiny
10:52 am
of tomorrow. >> you were the last human being to touch that surface. how does it make you feel? >> humble. >> and we came and god is willing, we shall return.: for all mankind. god speed the crew of apollo 17. ♪ >> i'm convinced that the space program will come back. >> the country needs to have something to look up to, to be proud of 6789 what can we do 10,000 years, look how far in 70 years. my grandfather on a farm in michigan had a ringing phone, no electricity, and an out house and watched a man on the
10:53 am
moon in her lifetime. i'd like to see-- i hope that happens. >> . >> jamie: a very important special, if you have memories, personal memories, even if you don't. joining us now on the phone retired u.s. air force colonel, current nasa astronauts dr. coleman spent more than 4,000 hours in space aboard the space shuttle columbia on board the international space station, she's done it all. dr. coleman, katie, great to have you here. >> it's nice to be there. >> jamie: what is that anniversary, that date, today, mean to you? >> well, the fact that it's 40 years since apollo 17, in some ways, it seems like such a big number and yet, i think that what we've done in the meantime is just simply amazing and to think back this is the last time that we had people that walked on the moon, whatever we had one of these anniversaries, i call a friend of mine, andy tinken, wrote "a man on the moon",
10:54 am
what were they thinking, what was it like for them. what kind of a mission. apparently apollo 17 broke all the records, it was the longest mission and they brought back the most lunar samples and longest time in lunar orbit and simply amazing mission and so, you know, in early december here in 2012 to celebrate 40 years, it makes me really proud of what i do today. >> and you are still doing it. you're very, very involved with the program, and is the glass half full or half empty, as far as the future of space exploration? >> well, i'm a glass, a glassful kind of person, and i think that is the kind of people that we have in the space program. some look back at the times and they think, well, they did so much then and our steps are slower, shorter or more frustrating now. part of that's true. it's a different time, a different political arena and it was a political race, and if you needed it for apollo, then you got it.
10:55 am
that's not our environment, but the environment that we're in right now, we have to balance the needs of everybody, we have to spend our money in the places it really needs to be spent and balance that and so the steps that we take are sort of shorter and slower and at the same time, they're necessary steps and i think we couldn't help taking them. we have an international space station, six people living aboard at almost any one time doing experiments up there that simply can't be done here on the ground. it is the next step and it's pretty exciting. >> the shift seems to be working private industry and what about the opportunities for women. 4300 plus hours in space, katie, should little girls still want to work for nasa. i don't think we'll be able to stop them. and even, i would have stayed another six months in a minute if i'd been given an opportunity to stay up there on the space station. what's really exciting today
10:56 am
is that, you know, with our commercial partners, basically we're handing over to them the things that we already know how to do, that nasa knows how to do. we know how to get people up to space and stuff up to space and cumbersome bureaucratic exploration is not going to do that and so we're working together, real people taking the time to ask questions hard questions how to do this in space, we're teaching them, they're teaching us. it's the way it's supposed to be and in the meantime, nasa gets on with the business of exploration, going beyond. >> jamie: and katie coleman, a privilege to work with you on an exciting lift-off and see you up in space so many times. thank you so much for joining us today. we hope everyone will watch the fox news special, looking back at the space race. the amazing mission to the moon and we'll speak with the astronauts who achieve that giant leap for mankind.
10:57 am
thanks for being with us, folks. initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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